Why You Should Be Watching ‘Chasing Life’

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

18319Cancer is a tough sell, but I’ve been loving ABC Family’s Chasing Life, a drama about a 20-something with cancer. Its first season finale is tonight — it does look like it’s going to involve more cancer after a remission — and you should check it out. Despite the cancer, because of the cancer, whatever works for you.

I must admit that the reason I started watching is that my brilliant friend, Patrick Sean Smith, who created one of my favorite shows of the last decade, Greek, is the showrunner on Chasing Life. I mention this as a disclaimer, but also because it explains why the cancer wasn’t a hurdle for me. I watched it to support him, but I kept watching because I was drawn into the show. Cancer — and other fatal illnesses — have been sort-of romanticized at times in teen entertainment, as in The Fault…

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