Candy Necklaces for Grown Ups, or How to Survive the Atlantic City Beer Fest

Fieldwork in Stilettos

On Saturday night, I went to a beer festival with PIC. I hate beer but I love him, and one of his favorite bands was playing and it was his birthday so I donned my concert-going uniform (more on that some other time) and joined approximately 9,000 beer lovers at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Having never before been to a beer fest, I didn’t know the protocol. Like you’re supposed to wear matching t-shirts, or Viking helmets, or Scottish kilts or scrubs with signs that say things like, “Hi, My name is Dr. Hangover.”

More importantly—and this is crucial—you’re supposed to bring a necklace made of pretzels.

Who knew?

Ill-equipped as I was, I spent the majority of the evening drinking pear ciders and asking folks if I could take pictures of their edible jewelry. These ladies, for example, had both pretzel necklaces and light-up suspenders.


This guy…

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